White River

When one thinks of the White River, several things come to mind -- world famous trout fishing, magnificent bluffs and cold, clear water, ideal riffles and shoals full of rainbows, browns, cutthroat and brook trout plus all the folklore that goes along with its Ozarks Region. Fly fishers and spin fishers alike anticipate traveling to its waters each year in hopes of hooking a trophy brown trout. Some areas, like Wildcats Shoals, are almost impassible. This is a major reason why there are so many fishing guides on the White River.

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White River fishing report

Posted by Phil Lilley on December 15th, 2014


Duane, Cody and I put in at Rim Shoals on the mighty White River about 9 am on Thursday.  They were running minimum flow?  Not sure.  But we got above Red Bud Shoals pretty easy with Duane’s Tracker.  It’s got a jet!  Inboard. read more…

Berry’s White River fishing report, December 5

Posted by Phil Lilley on December 5th, 2014

During the past week, we have had rain and sleet (just trace amounts here in Cotter), colder temperatures and heavy winds (to include lake wind advisories). The lake level at Bull Shoals remained steady at six feet below seasonal power pool of 659 feet. This is forty two feet below the top of flood pool.
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On my own . . .

Posted by John Berry on October 11th, 2014


I really don’t get much of a chance to fish on my own. On my days off from guiding, I usually fish with my wife, Lori, or with a fellow guide or fishing buddy. On days when I used to fish on my own, I would take my yellow lab, Ellie with me. She was a well mannered perfect fishing companion. After she passed away, we obtained Tilley, another yellow lab. She is a bright, beautiful and exuberant dog but not mature enough for me to take fishing with me. Lori works with her every day but she is still not ready to accompany me. read more…

Fall is in the air

Posted by John Berry on October 11th, 2014


It is mid- September and this week I realized that fall is in the air. Early the other morning I was preparing for a guide trip that day. I turned on the Weather Channel and learned that it was then fifty degrees and the high temperature that day was to be sixty six degrees. I made a few last minute changes to the clothes I was to wear that day. read more…

Real men fish pink worms

Posted by John Berry on October 11th, 2014

male rainbow closeup

Last weekend I had a two day guide trip with two men from Florida, Willie and Ken. Both were retired professionals and were in their mid to late seventies. As is my normal procedure, we fished the White River on the first day and the Norfork the next. We floated the White and waded the Norfork. This gives them a good look at what the twin lakes area has to offer, when it comes to fly fishing for trout. read more…