White River

White River Report 10/13 and 10/14

Posted by Phil Lilley on October 17th, 2016
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Got home after work last Thursday and decided to head over to the White to mess around for a couple of hours off the bank, even though they were generating water around 12,000 cfs…  Found a current break and caught a few Rainbow Trout and White Bass on 1/16 zig jigs.  I threw a 1/8 ounce zig jig and a jerkbait for a while, but they seemed to favor the 1/16 ounce jig.      After the bite in the first spot slowed, I walked upstream and found another current break and cast right behind the break.  I started to pump my rod, and it doubled over.  The fish pulled 30 yards of line off my reel and then jumped out of the water. It was a good Brown. It made some more runs downstream, and I had to chase it a ways before I landed it.  It measured 24.75 ” and had me pretty nervous in that flow with 4 lb test.  Got my shoes soaked, but it was worth it.

I caught I few Rainbows and a Brook Trout in the same spot before it got dark and I headed home.


Went out the next morning in the same general area and waded for a few hours.  The flow was around 2500 cfs most of the time.  Had about 10 Rainbows in the first few hours after sunup on a 1/16 ounce zig jig.  I had a couple of Rainbows in the 15″ range, but hadn’t hooked any big trout.  I waded out to a spot that was somewhat sketchy wading and cast my jig into a run.  I pumped my rod and it doubled over, and the fish started to go nuts, it changed direction on me and ran downstream so fast I thought the jig popped out at first.  Once I caught up to the fish, It just ran straight downstream and my drag was just buzzing.  I started to chase it downstream and got to an area that had fast deep water on all three sided of me, so I was stuck there.  The trout eventually stopped running downstream some, and I tried to gain some line….  It just ran straight downstream again. I started to see my spool, so I tightened the drag sand it didn’t even slow it down.  It eventually peeled off all my line and broke the line at the spool. I walked back to my truck with no line on my reel, mumbling to myself…..

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