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White River report

Posted by Phil Lilley on January 16th, 2015
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White River 2

by Hamilton ~~ Kinda of an odd generation pattern lately on the White River; high flow for a few hours and minimum flow the rest of the time. Not really what I like, but they don’t ask me. Predictions were for continued pulse generation, but the weather while awful wasn’t impossible to endure and so I went.

I had to go solo. My week of begging prior to the trip yielded no takers so I had to go it alone.

I opted for falling water at Rim Shoals. Lots of people prefer to fish a rise. Some people believe fish WON’T bite on falling water. I prefer steady water, but I play the cars I’m dealt. Fish certainly do change locations as the water level changes and You have to find them before you can really catch them.

White River 3

I knew high water would hit later in the day and I would change locations when that happened.

it was CLOUDY which is NOT my favorite fo trout fishing. Wind was less than 10 MPH which I almost require for jig fishing for trout from a boat. Air temp was a steady 35 degrees or so. Pretty damp cold and dreary.

Started off kinda slow, but once I nailed down a couple of locations my catch rates improved. Nice Rainbows and a Nice Cutthroat in the first hour or so. I did a lazy drift from upper edge of C&R to the riffle aove the first island. I really wasn’t pressing. Wind picked up and I put on a jacket. Grabbed gloves from my truck prior to a run above C&R.

I ran a couple of miles above the C&R area, I wanted to try spy baiting for trout. I threw it about 10-15 times. I got three hits and zero fish. tough to stick with when the hits don’t connect.

I of course was steadily picking up fish on Zig Jig.

Decided to return to C&R and fish that upper riffle. Made the run down thru skinny water. I turned the boat to fish and the riffle was gone. In seconds that wall of 7000 CFS water flooded the area. Crazy how fast that happened. Literally 10-15 seconds. I was at 35 fish when I bailed on Rim.

White River 4

I fished for a minute and then put it on the trailer and headed to Buffalo City where it was more of same. Steady fish catching once you dial into the proper locations. I was literally getting bitten every cast UNTIL the water caught up with me again. Once the high water hit, I tried for larger fish near shallow water obstructions. I got one small Brown for my trouble. I tried the area immediately across from the boat ramp and basically zeroed. I caught a few BUT Lost a couple of jigs and my temper. It was 4:25 PM. I had planned on leaving at 4:30, but I decided to run back to the shoals and try again. Good call. I picked an area and got a > 20 inch Brown (measured) on my first cast. Lengthy exciting fight.

White River 1

I still had a couple of minutes left so I kept at it and ended the trip with my 75 th fish a colored up Rainbow.

It was getting gloomier than before so I took my tired, cold butt to the truck. Good day on the water. I needed one.

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