White River

Clay’s White River fishing report, March 7

Posted by Clay Goforth on March 10th, 2014
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Friday, my dad and I fished the State Park area of the river. We had two units of water and put in at 8am. We fished from 8am until about 12:30pm and boated 78 fish. A black 1/16oz PJs maribou jig on 3lb test line was the hottest setup. We also located a few browns using a white 3/32oz PJs jig fished a little deeper and slower. We stopped for lunch and put back in on the water at about 2:00pm and fished until 5:00, boating an additional 34 fish, still using the black PJs jigs.

Saturday, we fished the Shawnee/Supreme Tournament. Unfortunately, we only had minimum flow so the pattern from the day before had to be tweaked. We put in at Cotter and motored up to Wildcat Shoals and fished our way back. Again, the hot color was black but in a 1/32oz size fished very slowly. We boated 63 fish over the course of the tournament and finished tied for 3rd.

Sunday, we only had a couple of hours to fish before needing to head home so we ran down to Ranchette and fished our way down to Rough Hole. Minimum flow at Rough Hole turned out to be quite the combination, as we boated 37 fish from 10am (got a really late start with the time change) until we took off the water at 12:45pm. Again, black PJs in a 1/32oz seemed to be the ticket.

I do have to give a shout out to Frank Dietl and Swing Oil Baits. They are more levered toward bass fishing but they do produce some jigs and I borrowed one from a friend on the river who was raving about them. I plan to order some in the near future. They seem to hold their feathers a lot better than some other jigs and take the abuse of catching lots of fish.

On Friday, I set up a GoPro on my net to test the POV and cut together a short video of some of the fish we boated. I think the perspective turned out pretty cool and the video showcases the beautiful coloration on the browns we caught. They were so bright this trip with lots of seemingly glowing red accents. Make sure the settings on the YouTube player are up to 720p so you can see the fish in higher definition.

All in all, it was an excellent trip with good fishing. Again, all black was the hot color and I would imagine it to remain that way for the next few weeks at least.

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