White River

Babin’s White River fishing report, July 2012

Posted by Larry Babin on July 1st, 2012
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Living vicariously through clients is the most rewarding aspect of what being a guide means to me. The wide range of clientele from newbies to veterans results in the same satisfaction when the ear to ear smiles appear after landing a nice fish.

The following fish story begins with a little bit of background about my music interests. Although my music collection is quite assorted, those that know me well understand that I tend to tune in to faster and heavier rock and roll, punk, and metal although I’ve been know to lower the gears to something like Zydeco or country.

In the early 90’s I became infatuated with a Seattle band known as the Supersuckers which blew my mind. Appropriately titled “The best rock n roll band ever” this description does not fall short. After 24 years together as a band, I’m still just as big of a fan since day one. The front man and lead singer is Eddie Spaghetti whose mother lives here in the Ozarks of whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet some years ago when my wife was getting her hair prettied up and noticed all the Supersucker paraphernalia throughout her salon. My wife asked what her infatuation was with the band when she replied that Eddie was her son. Moments later I got the call with the news. Obviously I was stoked. Shortly thereafter I spoke to Sammie, Eddie’s mom, about a number of things relating to the band including his son Quattro, Eddie the IV, and how my son Tripp, Larry III had a few things in common. She assured me that when Quattro visited that we’d get the boys together and take Quattro fly fishing for the very first time.

Recently we made it all come together. Quattro arrived to visit this month and I had a game plan. Since my son was attending the trout camp at the hatchery I began the day on Dry Run Creek, anglers under 16, with Quattro to get some of the basics down and land some fish. It wouldn’t take long for him to pick up the mechanics of casting and mending before we landed his first trout. In fact, I started him off with hoppers since that usually draws the attention of bigger fish. Casting and mending hoppers is technical and requires a different skill set as opposed to a nymph rig but given the fact that Quattro had never done this before, I took the opportunity to “mold” him from the get go. Within moments, he had plenty of boils but instinctively pulled the hopper away prematurely but once he implemented a pause before the hook set he started to dial it in.

By 11 am Quattro landed a number of super fat rainbows, a couple of browns, and one fire orange cutthroat by way of a viscous surface strike. After many pictures and a few hollers, we prepared for lunch and a float on the “big boy” river, the Norfork, for the afternoon.

We walked over to the hatchery to find Tripp and make the introduction. Both boys hit if off immediately of which I expected. The boys were so excited to float the river and share stories with his grandmother Sammie and I. Halfway down the river it was apparent that the boys were more interested in discussing boy stuff and eating candy bars than actually fishing. That was fine with me since Sammie is quite the fly fisher woman and focused on catching fish unlike the boys. The generation had just begun and the water was rising and a bit murky but that was no deterrent for Sammie of whom landed some nice fish.

On the last leg of the float Quattro expressed interest in rowing the sled. The lower section of the Norfork is relatively unobstructed by rocks so I obliged. Tripp and I coached him on the way down and just like his first time with a fly rod, he did exceptionally well without doing 360s down the river.

All in all it was a great day for me personally but as I mentioned at the beginning, I live vicariously through others. What a great experience for our boys (III & IV) and a new friendship to boot. At the end of the float we let the boys be boys and kick around the shore banks to kick up a few crawfish.

Thanks to Eddie, Sammie, Quattro, and Tripp for a great day on the river!

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