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Dally’s fishing report, 1/27/12

Posted by Steve Dally on January 27th, 2012
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I’m typing this report from the ramp at Rim Shoals, with a soft orange glow to the west.  It’s chilly but a gorgeous evening, a fitting end to a great week.

Bill Thorne stuck his first 2 footer today, you can read about that here, a great achievement after a lot of work.

We’ve had some gorgeous days, some big fish, a day of downpour, some guys catching a bunch of fish on low water and our first hint of shad for the year.

I had a mate in town Rick from Texas, and spending water time with good friends is awesome even if we missed out on the big streamer fish. But having him come back from Norfork with a monster grin from having his best day ever on that river, having adopted a few of my tricks was pleasure enough.

The fun is too good to miss out on.

WHITE RIVER: the pattern of high morning flows with a hard drop to around a unit of water is continuing. In case you hadn’t noticed it has been unusually warm for the season. Which has been opening up water for the waders on weekends.  Saturday will probably see some morning water but sunday hitting 58 should offer the waders another bunch of fun.

For the streamer guys its proving awkward: timing where you need to be on the flows and every day is different.  But we are still managing to find some good fish along the way. White has been hot this week, along with yellow and tan and black.  On low water hit the faster water and any drop off you can find with water flowing over it. The fish are stacked.

Try midges, Davy’s Super Midge, Ruby midges, camel midges, and on sunny days Tungsten Rainbow Warriors.  We are also still hearing about some nice BWO hatches on the Upper River so carry some small Pheasant Tails and BWO dries.  Don’t forget some San Juans and some Sowbugs.

NORFORK: The ‘fork has been firing on low water. I think Rick fished himself silly Monday while I worked.  Eggs and worms worked incredibly well fished into the faster flows with some weight.  He picked up several nice 18″ browns

We also had a reliable report Saturday, when Norfork ran better than a unit all day, of a bunch of shad in evidence on top.  Now with the warm conditions we have been despairing over a shad kill this year. But we have heard about a bunch of shad on the lakes.  There is some thought Saturdays event was just a school of live shad sucked through Norfork dam rather than a true shad kill.  but we are going to keep and eye on it. Have some Hippie Chick shad and Home invaders in your box for fishing deep and white zoo cougars, wiggle minnows or Crease flies for the surface bite.


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