Took Dad Fishing 10/29 and 10/30

Posted by Phil Lilley on October 31st, 2016
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After a full week at work (>40 hours) , I took off Friday headed south with trout boat in tow. I was headed down to take Dad  fishing on One of my favorite fishing places from my previous life. We love Big Cypress Bayou. The stretch I like to fish is btw Lake o the Pines and Caddo Lake. Very pretty. Sandy bottom. Tons of Cypress trees and knees. Lots of wildlife and lots of fish. 

I prefer to launch at Jefferson, Tx. You are immediately into the sections I prefer to fish. So imagine my disappointment after having driven 7 hours down to get my Dad and then another hour over just to find the ramp barricaded and covered up in idle construction equipment. NOT Good.

So adjust on the fly.

That area has not had our economic slowdown down. Oil and natural gas finds have put a lot of money in people’s pockets. Lots of ppl with shiney new toys. The plus for me is that I was able to find a new RV park with a boat launch. The place was covered up with idiots, but eventually they cleared the ramp area and we were able to get the boat on the water.

My plan was to throw small buzzbaits for bass at every piece of cover I could see. I was going to put Dad up front and ease him along letting him have first shot at everything. Well at 84 he can’t really play that Game anymore. He had neither the accuracy nor the ability to throw the bait far enough to get it done. He had one hooked, but it shook the hook.

No worries. We had graphite jigging poles and more brush tops than we had time to fish. So we set about catching as many crappie as we could.

Normally, the crappie are 6-7 foot down in 10 foot of water. The water has some stain to it so you can get close to them, but boat control is still important. I try hard not to crash into stuff or wash the fish with the trolling motor.

We used Bobby Garland Baby Shads on 1/32 oz heads. Ease them down thru the cover. It isn’t necessary to Jig them. Just lower slowly and hold still. This trip the fish were unusually high in the water column. Most of our bites were only 2-3 foot. And we had a lot of bites.

We had great weather. Rare low humidity and it wasn’t all that warm. I don’t think I even got sweaty at all. Fall colors are just starting up. Mornings were pleasantly cool.

Sunday was more of same, but I reluctantly quit fishing at 1:30 pm. I got home a few minutes before 11 pm and back up at 0500 and back at work. It was a hard trip, but totally worth it to get Dad a couple of fishing trips.





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