Table Rock Lake

Table Rock is loved by many people for a variety of reasons. It''s clear water makes it popular among scuba divers for diving, it''s clean waters is perfect for swimmers, skiers and tubers, jet skiing and kayaking along it shores, camping on it''s rocky banks, cliff diving and just cruising. Then there''s the fishermen! One of the premiere bass lakes in the country--best smallmouth and largemouth, and home of the state record spotted bass. Crappie, white bass and walleye round out the group along with some of the biggest and feistiest blue gill and goggleye around.

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Latest News

Black Friday 2016, Dam area

Posted by Phil Lilley on November 26th, 2016


Rough start, motor was being cold natured.  Said a few prayers and finally it dawns on me to trim the thing down.  Viola!  Ran like a champ after that.  First stop trolling motor on 24V, nada.  Click to 12V, not optimal, but we are fishing.  Big Cedar hollow, ran a bank with a topwater and spinner bait, nada.  Hit the 86 bridge with drop shot and spoon after marking plenty, nada.  0 for 2.  Headed over to brushy….get crushed on a football jig….drag was not set…missed that one.  My son was throwing a ned and missed a bunch.  It had been awhile since he had been on the water and he had at least three swim it almost to the boat, he couldn’t figure out the slack line was a fish with the bait.  Bank was just a little transition from bigger rock to gravel.  Wind started to pick up.  Decision time, run to Indian and have lunch and make a full day or pack up early.  With the trolling motor issue I opted to split the baby, try a couple more things and then head to Hollister for late lunch.
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Two against one isn’t fair

Posted by Phil Lilley on November 26th, 2016


They have this game figured out. So fun watching them beat me.

Monday was a great day with 16 keeper bass, biggest 4.5, 4, couple 3’s on a buzz bait shallow. Pea gravel with basketball size mixed. 30 degree banks. Had to cover A LOT of water, but worth it. Went out Tuesday n Wednesday and couldn’t even come close to repeating. Decided to crappie fish and ……. more great memories for us. read more…

Upper White 10/30/16

Posted by Phil Lilley on October 31st, 2016


Fished from Holiday Island to Owl Creek. Caught several smalls and one keeper on a jig. I tried swimming a jig (since several chased mine when bringing it up) spinner bait, drop shot, spoon, crank bait, lipless crank bait and a Plopper. Caught some on the drop shot and the jig. My biggest was about a 4 or 5 pound LM on the jig. Threw the Plopper from 5 to 6 pm and only had one blow up that didn’t hook up. Did not catch a whole lot but got to see a wood duck, deer, eagles and countless other birds. read more…

Cape Fair 10/30

Posted by Phil Lilley on October 31st, 2016


I launched at sun up.  I had to wait on a couple FLW boats to launch first – which told me that the lake was going to be busy. It was. read more…

Big M area 10/27

Posted by Phil Lilley on October 28th, 2016


Got off to late start yesterday, waited for the fog to burn off here in NW AR so I did not get to the lake until 0930.  Probably hurt my deep water fishing that I did yesterday.  I started deep, looking at places off the gravel banks in 30-50 FOW.  Never found any of those big schools, found a few, but they were moving, and when I found them I could drop the spoon on them and get a bite or tow and they would be gone.  Found some surface activity at one location, could not get them to hit the plopper, but I found that if I threw a Ned on them right when they were on top, they would eat it.  Unfortunately for me, about 15 minutes after I found those top water fish, the sun came out and they just shut right down. read more…