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Getting Ned Ready

Posted by Phil Lilley on April 9th, 2017
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Just about time to start thinking about being a Ned Head.  Varmint fishing is just around the corner and here are a couple of things that will help you keep the little guy working to the best of his ability.

Ned storage for some is a problem, a major problem.  I’m going to show you how to pre-rig the Ned and keep them for as long as a year with no rust and no baits melting or sticking together.

First off lets talk about what ya need to fish him the best.  I like 1/16th. oz and 1/8th. oz. mushroom heads.  Dave makes the best with the small weed guard.  To tell you the truth, the weed guard will separate after it fishes a while and I just snip it off at the head.  I really cannot tell any difference in the hang ups where I fish it.

I most always use 5# Maxima Moss Green to fish it with.  I’m fishing it on a Jeff Kriet Squirrel tail Falcon rod and using a Shimano Sustain or a Stella.  Pretty much top of the line junk.  It will propel the Varmint just about as far as I can see.

My three favorite colors are Dirt, Brown/Purple and Green Pumpkin/Orange.  Don’t know that you need any others.

Dave has talked and shown you how to fish it on a slack line.  I’m gong to show you how to be ready when you hit the water.


You need baits, heads, gel super glue, a box and Inhibitor strips.  I pre-glue and set up my box well in advance without worry of rust or a melt down.  I use the Flambeau rust proof boxes and the inhibitor strips and they work to perfection.  This is a small box for small baits with 6 compartments to keep colors and sizes apart.  As I said I use only the 3 colors so I use a compartment for each of the three with the 1/8th. and a compartment each for the 1/16.


Get these pre-rigged and you will only need a quick retie in the event you lose one.  More fishing time on the water and less rigging.

It’s almost time to Varmintize them.


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