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Weekend Report – 4/1 & 4/2 – BBT

Posted by Phil Lilley on April 4th, 2017
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Fished the BBT with my brother over the weekend. Like Alex and others have stated we caught a bunch of fish but just not the right ones.

Lots of cookie cutter 2-3lb butterballs. Stayed around the dam area for the most part but did run up towards Cow Creek and Spring Branch to poke around and get a little further away from the crowds (hardly). Fished my strength which is the jerkbait and caught plenty of 15-16″ fish. Fished bluff ends, docks, timbered pockets and some timbered transition banks leading towards the back of creeks. Most fish came in the 10-15 FOW range. Also caught them on a jig, flutter spoon and big 10″ shakeyhead worm. TRIED to crank but around the dam is just too loaded with rock snot that you are picking it off the hooks and bill every single cast. So gave that up pretty much immediately. Water clarity in the dam area is about 10 feet or more. Long creek is around 1 foot or less and pure chocolate milk. Found water temps ranging from 56 and all the way up to 60 in some areas later in the day with the warm wind howling down creeks and the main lake.

Day one of the BBT didn’t have anything to weigh in above 3lbs. Day 2 I weighed in a 3.17 smallmouth around 11am hour that fell short of cashing. Last hour of the tourny ran a familiar set of docks in an unnamed branch and ran into a 4.44 largie on a NuTech jig from a dock. Turned out to be a $1,000 cast as it held for the #1 spot the final hour of day 2. Was a lot of fun to fish in the BBT per usual. Can’t wait for another 363 days to fish it again. Thanks to the BBT staff for their hard work and running a fun tournament where even a chump like me can win a little money or perhaps new rig.

Also met SplitG2 unknowingly during day 1. Was fishing around his dock when he had the boat on his lift and told me about his boat issues. Caught many a good fish off his dock. Hope you get that taken care of pal and back on the water soon. Best fishing of the year is now thru May so hopefully you aren’t out of commission long.

I would say the next week or two the lake should be on fire. Fish are either already in the backs of creeks or getting ready to pull up. The dam area is a little behind the river arms I imagine. My brother and I didn’t find a whole lot in the very backs of creeks but by the amount of boats fishing in them there had to be some action. Did find a shad spawn going on at one location with a good amount of surface gizzard activity. Fish can be caught on a WIDE variety of baits right now. Topwater bite is also around the corner I think. Fun times ahead.

Tight lines and please practice CPR on the big girls this time of year.


My 15 seconds of fame via BBT snapchat

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