Table Rock Lake

Big M area 3/31

Posted by Phil Lilley on April 3rd, 2017
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Fished from above Big M down to about point 23.  Above Big M the water is fairly dingy, visibility maybe a foot or two, below it starts to clear up a bit, maybe 3-5 feet of viz. 

In the dirty water I caught fish on a Wiggle Wart and the Menace grub on a 3/8 oz wobble head.  In the clearer water the Ned was working better.  Stained water fish were better quality overall, caught 6 largemouth keepers on the Wart and Menace, mainly back in pockets and coves.  Caught one smallie keeper on the Ned.  25 bass total.

Worked the Wart and Menace fairly close to the bank on rocky shores.  Ned was catching deeper fish, 10-20 FOW.

Water temps 55-57




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