Table Rock Lake

Bill Beck’s Big Day Saturday Fishing Report

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 5th, 2017
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Bill Beck, (Table Rock Lake Guide Service)  had just one of those wonderful days yesterday with good friend and Client Troy Majors.  The mission was originally slated as a walleye seeking deal, as the week before they had caught several nice keepers.  Today however turned bright and windy to quickly for that and the boys set out to try and tame the elusive Table Rock bass.

Fishing up the White River section of the lake Bill targeted suspending fish with a homemade under spin in 1/4 oz.  using a 3.8 inch Keitech  fat paddle tail as the trailer.  To say they had a really fun day would be an understatement.  Bill said they had 21 keepers mostly fishing to suspended staging fish.  I believe some locations held bait and some were just prime locations for that type of bass movement at this time of the year.

Read the BASS blog on how Mike caught his fish on the 3.4 inch swim bait and you have the same deal. 30′ to 50′ suspended.  Only difference is that Michael only used about 10 gallons of gas fishing the dam and take off area and Bill fished the same types of locations up the White River.

Judging from the up coming forecast and now getting into March, I don’t think these will back off,  Many of you know way more then I do, about fish movements, but I think the pre-spawn and the staging process are well under way and will continue.

Get out there and try these techniques and see if they will produce for you like they are for a lot of us.

Good Luck

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