Table Rock Lake

Dual fishing reports, March 4

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 4th, 2017
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Big M ~ Patlock and I fished the Big M area today from 7:30am (brrr) till 1:30pm. WT was 51.4-53.3.  Found some good color water in one cove and caught 10 with 2 keepers. A mix of LM & Ky. Swung and missed a couple of good bites. Fished some main lake water and ended up with 17 total. Spinnerbait, Ned & crankbait caught our fish. Saw 2 bald eagles along with an eaglet. Nice day to be out. 


Upper End ~ With my boat repaired and new electronics installed and working, I went out for the first time this year. I did a lot of driving around to set up and test the Garmin echomap. Sweet unit!

I did fish some with a wart and a Ned. Nothing but lost warts (2!) to report on the cranking. I caught 3 on the Ned, including 1 keeper. I thought about the deep and slow grub or swimbait method Bill suggested, but at the present water level I would have to run to Big M to find 40 feet of water.

BTW, If you boat above Eagle Rock, there are at least two potential hazards. One is immediately upriver from Sawmill Hollow. The other is just around the corner upriver from J.D. Fletchers old place. Both are in the middle of the lake. Be careful!

WT -> 51.

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