Table Rock Lake

Shell Knob and Eagle Rock 12/10/16

Posted by Phil Lilley on December 12th, 2016
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Didn’t get started too early, but it’s a long drive from Bella Vista and it wasn’t exactly tropical at 7:46 a.m.  I checked the weather for yesterday and the high was 40.  It was not a toasty, sunny 40 either as it was dark and a little windy in the afternoon.

Only one other boat at the SK ramp when we launched.  You’ll have to let Champ188 fill in the details as to where we went and what he caught…remember, I’m geographically challenged.  We started close and he had two keeper spots in short order on a JB.  I threw a swim jig he fixed up for me with a Keitech.  I caught a short spot pretty quickly, as well.  We’re thinking this might be ok.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a long three hours until we were to meet Big C and his lovely wife, Michelle, for lunch.  I alternated between a finesse jig with a Lumpy Craw, the swim jig and the Wiggle Wart Terrin’s been catching them on.  Green Craw, I think?  Missed one more on a jig and one on the swim jig.  That was it for me until we headed to the ramp to meet Chris and Michelle.  They were waiting on us and we went to the Roadhouse Grill for a fantastic lunch.  Great company and great food.  Thumbs up on the chili cheeseburger (I added jalapenos to mine ).

After a good visit with them, we loaded up and went to Eagle Rock.  I threw the same combination, plus a blade.  Caught a couple of shorts on the jig.  Missed a few on the swim jig because I was too stupid to set the hook.  The fish didn’t seem truly committed.  Soft and barely there.  Never got a bump on the Wart.  WT ranged from 54-55 when / where we started down to 47/48 when we called it quits at Eagle Rock.  We fished until dark.

Saw the Winter Series results and it’s obvious someone was catching them, although my contention is that those boys fish the Rock all the time.  We drive over from Arkansas when we can.  Boy, that sounded whiny and lame. I noticed a few of them had little bags, though, so there.



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