Table Rock Lake

Lower end Saturday, 11-26-16

Posted by Phil Lilley on November 28th, 2016
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Our day started with a 2-plus hour drive from Bella Vista in pea soup fog. Finally launched at Old 86 around 8:45 a.m. Fog was still pretty thick so we fished around the park for a while with a Plopper, swim bait, spinner bait and jig. No love on anything.

The fog stayed with us until noon but the dark skies did nothing to encourage any topwater action. The skunk buster, a beautifully colored LM, finally arrived about 10:30 in the back of a little main lake pocket from the top of a mostly submerged cedar tree. I happened to make a perfect cast with the Plopper where I could weave it through the center of the tree top. The fish was right where he was supposed to be … smack dab in thickest part of the branches.

From there, we moved around to Beardsley and found no action at all. Made another move across the lake to a creek between the Belle and Big Johnny Lodge and found some SM on docks in about 10-20 feet of water. Caught several on a Ned and shaky head but only one keeper.

Wind came up for a bit so I had to give the blade and jerk bait a try. Fished some prime-looking spots but they weren’t having any of it.

Ended up spending the rest of the day pitching docks and catching one here, a couple there. I did pick up the blade in the last hour before dark and got a few to cooperate, inclujding another keeper brown fish, then Donna caught a studly one back near the ramp throwing a jig around some big slab rocks. The fish was only in 5-6 feet of water and when she jerked and missed him, she had the presence of mind to leave the jig laying where it was and sure enough, he came back and got it.

Good luck out there. We have some good fall fishing coming. I thought I was just a dumb-A until we got home and Donna saw that it only took 13 pounds to win the Winter Series out of Kimberling City. When those boys don’t bring in 18-20 pounds, it’s a heckuva tough day.

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