Table Rock Lake

Cape Fair 10/30

Posted by Phil Lilley on October 31st, 2016
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I launched at sun up.  I had to wait on a couple FLW boats to launch first – which told me that the lake was going to be busy. It was.

I caught 8 – 10 total with only 1 keeper kentucky. I lost another keeper right at the boat on a trap. I caught 2 largemouth that had sores all over them. Pic attached. What is that stuff?

The keeper was on a buzzbait and the shorts were on a rattle trap, straight worm and a Wiggle Wart.

Water temp was 68.6 at launch and 70.4 when I got out. I covered all kinds of water from bluffs, bluff ends, gravel runout, chunky rock, you name it and I had a lure on it.

I also seen a squirrel swimming across the lake of about 300 yards wide. He found an old stump that he clung too to catch his breath and then off he went again to the bank. Looked like good Musky food. lol.

Although I wouldn’t call today a total loss it was very slow…… however, I WILL BE BACK!!!!!





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