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Qillback’s Report, Big M area, 9/2

Posted by Phil Lilley on September 3rd, 2016
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Rolled out of the Big M launch about 0615, went up lake a ways and worked a chunky rock bank that merged into a gravel point.  Threw a Yum Might Bug, Texas rigged right up on the bank, dragging and hopping it back – caught several bass doing that, with a couple of keepers.  That bite died off once the sun got over the hill, so did some different stuff, threw a shaky head for a bit, picked up a short, threw a buzz bait, picked up another short, then tossed a DD22, while paralleling some windy banks.  DD22 also got me a short, and a miss on one that might have gone 2 lbs. that jumped and threw it.

Decided it was time to drop shot some gravel banks.  Didn’t do much on the first bank I tried, but found some off another bank.  It wasn’t hot fishing, but steady, mostly spots, with one keeper LM on the drop shot.  Boat traffic started getting crazy, so I left at 1230.  They were still biting when I left, but it was just getting silly out there.  Not that I was surprised, nice Friday before labor day weekend, you know it is going to get busy.  Fish were mainly round 30 feet deep.


I have been using a Missile Baits Fuse 4.4 in color “Purple-Ish” as my drop shot bait of choice lately, they seem to like it.  It is made out of very buoyant plastic, which is nice as the spots are pretty feisty this time of year and almost always throw the bait.  That Fuse will be just laying there on top the water, pick it up and use it again.  That Fuse, cut down a little, might make a good winter bait on a certain finesse type jig head.  We’ll see.

Caught 20, with half a dozen keepers, none over 2.5 lbs.

Came into the Big M ramp, couple of MDC Warden trucks were parked there, one with an empty trailer.  They came in right as I backed my trailer down.  Got checked, fortunately my papers were in order.

Big M ramp has been repositioned and is useable once more.

Water temps were 82-83, water is still a bit murky.

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