Table Rock Lake

Big M area 7/29

Posted by Phil Lilley on July 30th, 2016
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I don’t have a lot to say about the black bass, caught 7, one keeper LM that came on a jig.  Caught one on a top water, and one on a spoon, the rest were on jigs.

My bass fishing was interrupted by a white bass bite.  I saw some top water activity over by some long docks that hang out over the channel on a bend.  Could not get them to bite on top, saw fish on the screen, scattered from 20 feet all the way to the bottom at 60.  I didn’t know what they were, thought they were black bass.  Tied on a 1/2 oz flutter spoon, threw it out there a few times and yo-yoed it back to the boat, not a touch.  Decided to go deep, made a long cast, let the spoon fall on tight line and after it sank a while it just stopped.  Set the hook and brought a 17″ white bass to the boat.  Dang thing had swallowed the hook, so I decided to keep it.   Usually when i do that, keep a fish, that will be the last one of that species I will see for the day and I’ll end up going home with one fish to clean.  Well, I did manage to get another 5 whites doing the falling spoon thing.  Took me about an hour to get them, But they are all in the 15-17 inch range, with one at 18″.  Enough fillets for a fry.

Left at 11 AM, started hearing thunder and the wake boats were all over the place.  Got the boat on the trailer and got about a mile down the road and ran into a real Ozark gully washer.  Might have been a good thing for the boat carpet, those darn whites can sure trash a boat and anything in it.

Water temp was 88.

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