Table Rock Lake

last two trips

Posted by Phil Lilley on July 24th, 2016
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Fished Thursday and Friday night.  Thursday, we went out to do a little filming and try out a new camera and sound equipment.  the bite was not too bad once we figured out where and what to be doing.  most bites were in the 15 ft. range and the bass were found out on flat gravel banks.  three lures accounted for the catching, a 1/2 jig, a 1/2 SpinJig, and a senko fished on a 3/8 jig head.  the SpinJig caught more of them because the added vibration was better at triggering a bit, and more water could be covered.  thursday’s tally was 8 keeps with 3 being in the 3 lb. range.

Friday’s trip was with linda and we fished a different area of the lake, but started out fishing out on flatter areas, and it worked just as the previous night.  we caught them in that same 15 ft. range.  we did catch them on a whole host of baits though.  here is the list – 7″ ringer on a 3/8 Blitz head,  senko on a 3/8 Blitz head, beaver type bait on a 1/4 NuJig with a 1/4 slip sinker, and a 1/2 Elite with small chunk type trailer.  ended up with 10 keeps with 5 of them being really nice ones in the 3 lb. range.  kind of like cookie cutters, all pretty close to the same.







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