Table Rock Lake

caught a few more

Posted by Phil Lilley on July 8th, 2016
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Got out for a few hours last night.  Depth we are catching is still remaining in the 15 ft. range.  Still catching them on the same two rigs.  Beaver on a 1/2 and 1/2 skirted jig.

Caught lots of shorts last night, probably somewhere around 30 total including the 8 keepers.  The of the keeps were 3 lb. and the other five were lappers, meaning fatties that you would not have to measure.

Since there is a multitude of shad up on the surface, I would not think bass will be getting very deep anytime soon.  Anyway, bass are still biting, but they are not just anywhere, and you had better be doing everything right to get a bite out of them.  They are not in the same places, and you just have to go hunting each trip, without any preconceived notions.




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