Table Rock Lake

Current Table Rock Lake Fishing Report 6-30-16 White River Outfitters Guide Service

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 30th, 2016
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It all started innocent enough with a swirl and a swing and miss as the Big Kentucky charged the 90 series Whopper Plopper, don’t know if her vision was blurred from a late night with the boys or just mistook the speed of the projected food item.  Didn’t matter as she came back with a vengeance the second time and just “Bone Jarred It.”  Water blew in every direction and the Daiwa Steez sang line thru the guides of the Falcon Cranker.   It was not what she thought or hoped it was.  The durn thing had stickers and she had a face full that she really did not want.  Kind of like a Griz. grabbing a Porky, Just not what she expected.   This was a tricky catch as there were lots of deep dock cables to be avoided and the big spotted fish had in mind to get home to them.  Kris played it cool and kept the pressure on.  A couple of simi-deep runs and a pole vault jump and this beauty was posing for the OA forum.


All this action is now located at your local water park, ie Table Rock Lake.  Post spawn fish of abnormal size and color are now organizing a free for all feed bag.  Not everywhere and today at times we struggled but, if you can find the right “Hidey Hole” you can for sure Zara in on some super spotted bass fishing.


In the past week, I have fished from Leatherwood Creek to Long Creek and the only formula that changes is the depth.  Deep fish at Eagle Rock are 20′ to 30′ and deep fish from Baxter to Long Creek are 35 to infinity.  And I mean it.  Bill Beck today had close to 20 keeper spots off very deep trees.  He was sitting in 106.  That for you Shallow guys and gals is One Hundred Six Feet Deep.  He had his clients lines marked at 40′ to fish the tops of bluffend trees, where the bait was a couple of feet above the tops.  He said today he saw fish rising from as deep at 70′ in the trees to eat his drop shot.  I get dizzy and sea sick both just thinking about it.


I’m starting most morning with a really good topwater bite.  I was told about a Zillion times that there was none at the dam.  Wrong, we blew up at least 15 this morning.  It is early however, as the last topwater deal there was at 7 AM.  We then had to dive, dive, dive to get em.  most all at 35′ suspended and nothing on the bottom.


White River from Baxter up, use your electronics on the bluffends and the long points to find them.  Start out as deep as 100′ and work your way in letting your electronics light your way.


This past week, we have had lots of K’s from 17 to 19 inches and it is the second best time to catch a big gal besides the pre-spawn.  Surface temps lakewide have settled into the 85 degree range and the water is clearing more and more everyday.  It is very fishable.  Most all our fish are coming early on the Whopper Plopper and then the drop  shot, slab spoon or the Dixie Jet flutter spoon.


You may have to look at least a dozen location to find a school of fish.  I and most of the guides do not waste a minute casting to a flat screen, you have to see surface fish activity or see them with your underwater peepers to put on the brakes.


You want to catch a big Kentucky?  Get on out there.   Right Now!!!!

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