Table Rock Lake

36 Hour TR Trip – Dam Area + Intruder in MY Cove

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 27th, 2016
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Brother and I were able to get away and come down for a short weekend trip. Saturday morning tried a little of everything (plopper, spook, jig, ned, 10″ worm, 10XD, spoon) with very little success. Spent a good amount of time trying to spoon docks but they weren’t having it. Not even one bite on the spoon thus Saturday morning/day was a bust. I have a habit of trying to force feed fish on what I WANT them to eat…not what THEY want to eat. 

However, Sat night the flip switched around 9pm and ran into a pretty good jig bite. Our fish were in 18-26 feet of water and on mostly ledge rock locations. Gravel points and run-outs didn’t yield much and I never did see much on the graph at those locations when snooping around on the big motor during the day. Fish were all very healthy (especially the Kentucky’s sponsored by Butterball). Big girl bit at 11:30 in 26 FOT and was released swimming to fight another day. She went 5 and I believe 22″ maybe 23. Need to get one of those hog trough measuring boards. Was a good night on the water with a million stars and saw a few meteors as well. Very pleasant night.

Thermocline looked to be setting up in spots as you could see a definitive line but it isn’t solid or locked in yet I don’t believe. Was wavering around 28 feet + or – in most locations from what I could tell. Surface temps around the dam were 85.3 to almost touching 87 degrees.

Water patrol was out pulling plenty of people over in the early evening for being morons. Was good to see their presence. Had a guy go between myself and the bank on plane over that shallow drop-off point coming out of Jake’s Branch across from 86 while pulling two little girls on a tube. It was the worst case I’ve ever experienced as far as passing between myself and the bank. Lower unit must have been inches from it’s demise. Guy literally cut that point maybe 10 yards from the bank. I made a motion to go around me before he got to us but he returned the signal as if I was supposed around him at speed while on the troller and my line out. Glad the two girls weren’t hurt… that point…as he made his way towards State Park.

I also finally caught Alex Heitman red handed dredging my cove with a crank and had a brief visit. Good to see another forum member even if he made like Greg Hackney and was fishing an off-limits area…..MY COVE.

My advice would be to get out early, get off early and get out at night. Tight lines and stay safe.

Some pics of the better/dumb ones:






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