Table Rock Lake

Cape Fair 6/26

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 26th, 2016
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Put in 15 minutes before sun up and fished shelf rock paralleling the bank to start with. Actually caught several shorts and 1 that was 16″.  I was having fun so I just kept hitting the same bank until 7:15 with about 18 shorts total with several hits and misses. By 7:15 I was out of bank.

I ran up river a little and the water had more of a mud color to it so I tossed a chrome and orange wiggle wart with pretty good luck on numbers and I landed one that went 5.12lbs.

I probably ended up with 30 fish and 2 keepers.

Here is the LM – sorry for the nasty white blob next to the fish….. lol…..

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