Table Rock Lake

White River Outfitters Table Rock Lake Fishing Report 6-18-16

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 18th, 2016
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Some days you catch them some days you don’t and some days, “Well, We Clobbered Them.”  Fishing with good Buddy and Client Ed Shawbaker we had one of those “Good Ole Goodins”  Hit the ramp at Viola to surface temps of 87.6 at 5:20 this morn, with pink light just starting to crest the Eastern ridges.

Was afraid to launch at the SK ramp as I thought they might have a Sat. derby and it was not long till that was confirmed.  Bout 5:45 we started to get buzzed and not in a bad way at all, just boys going fishing and enjoying the beautiful morning.

I kind of rolled the dice this morning and it came up 7’s for us.  Most often I get a nice spin of snake eyes, but this morning it was all winners.  Started at the mouth of the Kings over deep trees with the Pooper and the Dixie Jet and snared a couple of younkers and a white or three and proceeded to end hop my way up the White.  I had in mind a local hangout called Wood Duck that is a very long Bluffend Runnout with a heavy timbered pocket at the end extending into a very fishy looking major cove.  I had waited a bit to come up here as I have just been working a bunch over at the mouth of the river.  Had a notion that most would pass this by, especially cause the trees are deep here, with tops in the 30′ range.

As soon as the Big Phoenix slid to a halt, we just looked at each other and said “Oh YA.”   Fish were breaking, not a bunch, but enough to know we had chosen wisely.  These were not K’s, they were largies and very nice ones.  Used the Jet again and the Monkey Butted Pooper’s and it was game on.  Couple of doubles on 3 pounders and many, many singles and missed fish in the 2 hours we spent playing pitch and catch with the Micropterus saloides of the Humongous Clan.

I could not have shared this morning with a better friend, we just had a ball with misses and catches of epic proportion.  Biggest at over 4 pounds, but the above photo is of Ed, with a pretty much average size fish for this AM.

Not posting numbers, but we caught enough to keep me there for 2 hrs. and those of you that know me realize that I usually fish at least a dozen location in that amount of time.

It was a Peach.  Good Luck

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