Table Rock Lake

June 16 and 17 out of Big M

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 17th, 2016
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Fished the last 2 days out of Big M.  Got an early bite off a gravel point on Day 1.  Boated that 3 lb. LM and several other fish.  Used a Gambler Burner Craw on the C-rig.  That Burner Craw is a bigger version of a Zoom UV Speed Craw, seems to work.  Gravel point only produced one fish on Day 2.

Both days I found spotted bass on the Keitech slow rolled deep.  As in 20-40 feet deep over deep trees in 60 FOW.  All spots, no largies or brown fish.  Very nice spots for the most part, 14-17″ fish.

There’s some top water fish to be caught still, not a lot, but you’ll see a blow up every now and then, if you can get something on them quickly, they may bite it.

Have gotten a couple of smallies on a blue/black jig, and some fish on the c-rig with a Zoom Trick worm.

Bite gets tough around 11 AM, and that is when I head in.

I think I remember seeing the water temp at about 86 this morning.



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