Table Rock Lake

Kimberling 6/14

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 14th, 2016
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Little tougher today with the sun. Water temps started at 83, made it to 85. Color is sickly green.

Just required more work to catch them. As in being willing to grind it out. Most of our fish were in less than 20′, but did have one 17″ black out of 31′. Still need a sharp drop. Yesterday wood was a plus, today it was a necessity.

Ned bite is best early, when they are up on the banks eating shad. Same time some folks are throwing TW. I’ve about put those stabby critters up. Later, it’s a mix of Ned and shakey heads.

Not a clue as to why the tapering gravel bite is off. Has been like this for over a week now.

Short man with his first official baitcaster fish. The bait and the 15# big game should give you an idea of the water color, and drive home that they aren’t touchy once you find the right kind of place.

Ned fish…


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