Table Rock Lake

Big M – 6/13-14

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 14th, 2016
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6/13 – Went fishing today with OA member Muddy Water, launched at the crack of dawn and fished until about 1130.  We started with top waters, had a 30 minute TW bite off a gravel point, we might have got 7 or 8 on the TW, and Muddy got a largie that was around 2.5 on the TW.

After the TW bite died we tossed Keitechs, well I tossed Keitechs and Muddy threw some different swimmers at them.  We fished some docks ends that were over deep water and then a rocky point with deep trees.  Keitech fish were deep, usually suspending 20-30 feet down over 50-70 FOW.  We did have a huge school of black bass get on top for about 5 minutes, just enough time for us to get 3 or 4 on the TW stuff.  I also got a couple to eat a Finesse worm on a drop shot.  We caught largies and spots, never did get a brown fish.

Not quite the bite that it was Friday, I think we got 35-40 between the two of us.

I did get a 4.5 lb. LM on the Keitech.  Fishing got tough around 11 AM.  I forgot to note the water temp, probably 82-83.

6/14 – Got out on the water with board member Hammertime today.  We did the usual early launch, got on some top water fish early, which again lasted for about a half an hour.  Tried the Keitech for a while, but the fish had pretty much vacated the Keitech spots that had been working for me.  We got a couple on the swimmers, but it just wasn’t going to happen.

Threw jigs for a bit on chunk rock and bluffs, we got a few doing that, but it was slow.  We then tried some gravel with c-rigged Trick Worms and started getting consistent bites, but mostly 10-14″ spotted bass with a couple of keepers.  We did not get real deep off the gravel, getting most of them in 10-15 FOW.

We ended up with about 45 bass total, mostly shorts, maybe 6-8 keepers, but not a one over about 16″.

Water temp was 82-84.  Water still a murky green color with a few feet of viz.

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