Table Rock Lake

Big M area 6/10

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 10th, 2016
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Launched early once again, first fish of the day was a nice smallie a toad over 3 lbs. that I caught on a Yozuri pencil popper.  Light spinning rod and 6 lb. test, took a while to get it in the boat.  Got a few more on the Yozuri, then that top water bite stopped after about a half hour.

Threw a square bill for a bit, nothing doing, nothing on the c-rig worm either.  Saw some fish popping shad around a dock that extends out to the depths, sat in 60 FOW and slow rolled a Keitech deep, picked up several fish, one nice spot that I measured at just over 17 inches.  I was letting the Keitech drop about 20 feet then slow rolling it in, with periodic stops to let it drop.  keeping it deep.

I started point hopping after that.  Picked up a few here and there on the Yozuri.  Pulled up on a rocky point that had deep trees on it.  Set the boat in 50-70 FOW and slow rolled the Keitech deep, first cast was a 3 lb. Large mouth.  And then it was on.  Caught a bunch on the Keitech rolling it over deep trees, just a bunch of 14-16″ fat spots, with a large mouth mixed in every once in a while.

I think I had about 20 keepers today, and a bunch of other fish.  Bite shut off at 1130.

3.8 Keitech (white) on a 1/4 head.

Water temp 80-82.




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