Table Rock Lake

Memorial Day Post – Table Rock Lake

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 6th, 2016
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First off thanks to everyone on the forum including Mr. Bill Babler for the tips/etc via threads and PM’s on how to fish grubs, neds, and everything in between. Sorry for the late post, been out of town.

Went down to Shell Knob Friday before memorial day after work and fished Sat/Sun/Mon morning before heading home. Yes the boats were everywhere but the bite was really good Sat & Sun and slowed down a bit Monday morning due to the rising water and poor clarity/trash in the lake.

Saturday morning I fished with my best friend Brian who was also down at his house as well. We pulled up to our first spot and the top water bite was insane. I wish I had been counting but I’m guessing between 30-40 fish by 8:00 with a decent grub bite after that. Several 15 inch spots with a couple nice LM’s. Most fish caught on a 90 series WP in monkey butt color and a 3/16 oz jighead with a keitech 3.3 in Tennesee shad (was the only color cabelas had left in KC).

Sunday morning I was fishing by myself. I had 26 fish by 8:30 with several really nice ones. I caught an absolute stud 18 inch spotted bass on top water as well as a nice 17 inch smallie. Also had a bonus short walleye that was released back.

Sunday evening I took my two cousins out to show them something new. Previously all they ever do is drop shot since they don’t have much fishing experience nor the tackle/gear to do much else. We went from point to point and my cousin Kristina caught a nice white bass, with the very next cast landing her a monster LM, the biggest fish she’s ever caught. Later that evening we hit another point and my cousin Steve caught 2 fish on one WP which was awesome. The bite really only lasted 45 minutes but I would say we had 20-25 fish and that isn’t bad considering this was the first time these two had ever thrown top water or swim baits.

Monday morning went out again and Kristina caught another stud LM on top water and that day the SM showed up in force! She caught her first SM ever that morning as well. We must have caught 10-12 SM’s on top water, all small but boy they are fun. The bite really only lasted 2 hours before slowing down. We had a great time and it was my very first time “seriously throwing” a swim bait and by god we caught fish on it!

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