Table Rock Lake

Memorial Day Weekend Dam

Posted by Phil Lilley on May 30th, 2016
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Lots of boats out this weekend but that didn’t deter my dad, brother, and I. Fishing was great for us. We caught lots of big fish and lost some hogs too that threw the bait. Water temp was 71-75. No topwater for us in the dam area to speak of. We were running a pattern that I’m pretty sure no one else is right now so I’m going to keep tight lipped for the moment. Lots of waves and people running right next to you and between the bank lol. I expected that so we didn’t get to mad since the fishing was good. Water seems to be clearing up some as well since Thursday.

My brother caught a meanmouth close to 5 and we had some SM that were right up there as well. We also caught some big LM and had some absolute hogs jump off at the boat. A couple bonus whites with one pushing 21 inches were also caught with a bonus walleye. We didn’t take pics of all the big fish either because some were hooked good and were out of the water a while. It was a great weekend to say the least!



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