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Another Ned Rig Trick

Posted by Don Borgschulte on January 5th, 2015
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by Don Borgschulte ~~ I’ve been fishing the Ned Rig almost a year now, and it has moved up to 2nd place for me in terms of a “gotta use it every time out” bait. The old Fish Doctor is still hanging in there in 1st, but is losing ground fast!

Anyway, some may remember that I modify the elastic (Zero or ZinkerZ) on the end that holds the jig head. I pinch the thicker end of bait and then snip the ‘bulge’ with scissors. This creates a little bit of a concave effect which makes it real easy to put a drop of glue in, and it really snugs the bait up around the head.

Just put the bait on the hook, and squeeze it up to the head, pull the bait down a bit and drop your glue in the little ‘pocket’. It works great and I never have one slip down the hook, even after several fish, snags, etc.

Well, one day, I was rigging up a few Neds to keep on hand, and I discovered another variation that I’m really liking!

For some reason, I couldn’t find any of the mushroom-type heads that I usually prefer.

So, I tried using some of the heads I use for tube baits.

jig hooks

This pic is representative of the type I’m talking about.

So, I snip the thick end as I normally do, but then I take the scissors and slice the first 1/2″ like a little sandwich. Then, run the hook down from the top and out the side like you normally would, only about a 1/2′ farther down.

Push the jig head down into your little sandwich, and poke the eyelet thru the bait about a 1/4″ from top. peel back the bottom, drip your glue on the lead, close it up and squeeze together with your fingers until it sets.

I know this sounds crazy, but the result is great action of the bait, and way less snags in rocks and crevices. Since the elastech covers the lead head, it literally bounces along the bottom and will pull out of most snags pretty easily.

I have had the best luck with it in deeper water, in places I had never fished with the Ned.

Stair-stepping down bluff walls is a great way to fish this thing.

The bait will not ride ‘tail up’ quite as well as with the mushroom head, but I have caught a bunch of fish on it the past month or so.

Have only had one time where the bait separated at the top, so it holds up pretty well.

Sorry for such a long post, but wanted to try to be as specific as possible on this modification.

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