Table Rock Lake

Table Rock fishing report

Posted by Phil Lilley on December 27th, 2014
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Table rock lake 1

Shell Knob To West Mill Creek, by 5bites.  We launched on Table Rock about 730 and fished till 4ish. My first three fish came on a jerkbait half way back-very back of the deep north cove by the bridge. After that I found what may be the largest school of fish I’ve ever seen (I’ll post screens later) on a flat but could not get a single bite from whatever they were. I assume whites. The school was massive. I spooned them until I got fed up and left which was to long.

Then in Mill creek I caught quite a few fish again on a jerkbait on channel swing banks mostly around cedars. They’d blast that mcstick if I worked it next to the trees. I’d say most were 5′-10′ deep. I was mostly doing a 3-2 cadence with a maximum of a two second pause. I had several followers. I believe a few came out of trees close to the boat.

Table rock lake 11

I tried for a main lake bite in the wind but no love there for me.

My son caught his first two jerkbait fish ever today while using an xcaliber clown EEratic shad.

Table rock lake 12

Table rock lake 13

Pre launch rock skipping.

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