Table Rock Lake

Great Day, Even Better Company

Posted by James Gilzow on November 2nd, 2014
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table rock bass

The arrival of Friday’s cold front finally seemed to shake the largemouth loose from whatever was holding them back from beginning their pre-winter feed. In short, fished 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and it was a total beatdown from the git-go.

Had the pleasure of having OA member huntest in the boat with me. If you guys aren’t getting out and meeting each other, you’re missing out. Even being the introverted old goat that I am, I’ve gone on two blind dates this year with fellow OA members and both have been two of the nicest folks I’ve ever shared a boat with, and I’ve been fishing for 40 years.

Huntest and I met at Carr Lane store and launched at Shell Knob bridge. We ranged no more than 3 miles downstream and 5 miles upstream from there into the Kings, and caught them all day long on a spinnerbait. Windblown main-lake banks seemed to be a bit better than pockets, but we caught them in both locations. As usual, transition areas were best. Gravel wasn’t the deal … needed some bigger rock present. Wood seems to be starting to hold some fish also but was still a little hit-and-miss.

Pretty sure a squarebill or mid-range crank bait like a Bandit 200 would have worked but hey, when they’re whacking that blade, I’m not gonna put it down for long.

In all, we ended up with just north of 50 fish, with 60-70 percent being largemouth. Best five around 14 pounds, counting a 4-pounder that jumped off at boatside just before we called it a day.

Again, this forum is something special and it’s because of the integrity and general goodness of the people who make up the membership. Get out and meet someone. It’ll be a blessing.

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