Table Rock Lake

abkeenan’s Table Rock fishing report

Posted by Phil Lilley on September 29th, 2014
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Not much to add to Babler’s report from the other day. Tried for a couple hours with the chrome flutter spoon in docks, long gravel runouts and in deep pockets over trees…..NADA…ZERO…ZILCH.

Caught one really healthy 13″ Kentucky off the end of a deep dock at about 50 feet over 90 FOW.  Trash fished with squarebill, spoon, wiggle wart, buzzbait, A-Rig, wobble head and jig-n-pig. Fish were scattered…one here, two there. Abandoned the spoon and A-Rig  and pretty much all of our fish came off wood in the 8-30 FOW range and all came on the jig.

Had a couple of nice bites on the deep part of docks in the 15-25 foot range and had one pull off that felt like a real nice fish that had me over a deep cable. Looks like they are really munching the jig as others over the weekend had also noticed.

Bro had the biggest one was probably pushing 3.25 maybe 3.5lbs and was an inch or two longer than my 18″ bump board and just a thick healthy smallie. Brother wanted me to give a shout out to Bo about his NuTEch Jigs. Brother says they are the only jigs he is ever fishing now. Couple of pics of the bro and I.



photo 1.JPG


Bonus fish caught walking the bank in front of the house 20 min before the MIZZOU vs South Carolina game. Had another 17″ Largemouth pull off out of the same brushpile in 5 feet of water.


Cards clinched the division and Mizzou is back in the hunt for the SEC East title. Twas a good weekend.

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