Table Rock Lake

Babler’s Table Rock fishing report

Posted by Phil Lilley on September 28th, 2014
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Stepped out with the 3 Talvott Guys yesterday, launching at Viney Creek at 0700.  Managed 9 fish in that two hour stretch with one Walter. Caught him on a drop shot night crawler and had a few others on a yellow magic and a flutter spoon. We were in search of walleye and cats for the skillet and did end up with another very nice keeper eye and a 4 pound channel.

Only fished 4 locations in the 6 hrs. cause of the fog, but after the sun came up and pushed my fish down, we started catching them really good. Mostly on the bottom in 25′-30′.

Saw Champ and Donna, Believe they were being kind when I saw them as I suspect they were at that time doing quite a bit better than we were.

I know they whet on to have a nice day as I got to see the pic.

I had been fishing mostly suspended fish the last few weeks, and they were totally gone. Believe it was the fog and overcast that scattered them, but I could not find any suspended fish, either off the bluffs or over the deep trees. Everything we caught and that was quite a few later in the day, came off the bottom.

I’m sure these fish could have been caught on a jig, but we were committed to the dropshot.

Surface temp at Viney was 77 and the lake is at 910.7 Visibility is dropping somewhat at about 10′ Looks good for you shallow guys, and if they get on this jig, I will be joining the ranks.

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