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Babler’s Table Rock- Shell Knob fishing report, May 30

Posted by Phil Lilley on May 30th, 2014
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Met new friends Larry and Karen at the Bridge Ramp at Shell Knob at 0600. Both these folks were ready to fish and it took but a minute for me to figure out it was going to be a fun day.

Good gosh, we started on a cloudy breezy morning with no-one else on the lake and could not get a topwater bite. Hit 3 points, and it was pretty clear this was not going to be the deal so off we went with a new plan.

I have been casting some for the ladies, but after watching Karen, it was more than obvious that this girl could do her own deal. On her 1st. or second cast, and I’m going to say it was not a thing of beauty, she caught this Table Rock Lake monster on a 3.5″ Kietech Fat Black Shad. She had way better cast today, but none with this kind of a result.

Way to go gal!

Pretty much set the tune for the rest of the morning. Not a ton of fish, and as I recount I come up with 19 total with the one LM keeper, and three SM keeps. We finely did catch a few K’s but of the 19 total fish I think we had 5 K’s 2 LM and 12 Jaws.

I never did put a pattern together except the no top water deal. We caught fish from 4′ to 22′ on grubs, Ned, C-rigged Fish Dr.

Water clarity is about normal for the Knob, probably about 12′ surface temps this morning were 74.

Ah! another fun day on Beautiful Table Rock lake with some really neat folks from the Sunflower State.

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