Table Rock Lake

Lilley’s Table Rock evening fishing report, May 28

Posted by Phil Lilley on May 29th, 2014
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After Duane and company caught a bunch of smallies Saturday evening out in front of Chateau waiting for the fireworks, I thought I should run out to State Park last evening and throw some jigs and try it. That’s what they were throwing- PJ’s 1/8th ounce sculpin jigs and basically dragging them around the bottom off that major point. Asked Duane if he wanted to go after work and he said he did! We put in at 6:45 p.m..

Duane said he didn’t have much experience on the Rock when I asked him some questions about what they were doing. I think he was surprised when I just backed the boat off the ramp there at State Park and shut off the motor and said, “We’re here!”.

Table Rock Double.jpg

We started working that bank heading towards the dam (north), keeping the boat in about 16 feet of water. I threw a swimming minnow and Duane a sculpin jig with no results. As we got closer to the first point, Duane threw out the deep side of the boat and hooked a bass on that first cast. He did on the next one, and the next one. I relented and did the same but this time I threw a 1/8th ounce sculpin/orange jig.

Table Rock Sunset Fight.jpg

I think Duane had 5 bass on 6 casts to start. I started catching fish too but I don’t think I ever caught up. We boated around 18 bass, spots, LM but mostly smallmouth. We might have had 3-4 keepers? Only measured one cause neither of us have caught enough bass to tell what’s 15 inches and what’s not. Of course, they all went back in the lake.

Table Rock Smallie.jpg

The smallies especially looked rough and worn out. Most had hook marks in their mouths and sores from either the spawn or from being hooked.

Toward dark, I tied on a Flicker Shad and threw it a couple of times. Caught 2 big blue gill on it out in deep water (20-25 feet). That was different! Duane’s last fish was a nice white bass.

I bet you someone could clean up trolling a Flicker Shad out there all day long, catching who knows what. Wish I had the time, I’d do it!

TR Sunset.jpg

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