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Table Rock fishing report(s), April 25

Posted by Phil Lilley on April 26th, 2014
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Bill Babler ~ Shell Knob, Mo. Picked up the boys, Jerry and Larry Horseman this morning out of Quail Cove as they are fishing the Shriners derby this weekend. When I launched at the knob, the surface temps had dropped from my reading at Baxter from 67 degree yesterday afternoon, to a chilly 55 degree at the ramp. Air temps this morning at the Shell Knob bridge were 39 degree. Clear as a bell and high pressure to boot with not a breeze one or a cloud in the Azure Blue Sky.

Boys, the Rock takes care of itself and for me today, she came back as a pretty hard taskmaster. I think I needed to have used Dave’s little rig more but I have been catching them and today was fishing.

27 bass to the boat and 1 Googler. Lots of follows and only 2 keeper K’s about 16 inch.

I did not do the Horseman boys much good for their derby.

Really the only thing we could get bit on was the wobbler, and it was not good at best and the fish we caught were my smallest of the year. Quite a few small buck LM and several 11′ k’s.

All and all the lake got even with me today.

On a side note, I would stay away from Shell Knob this weekend as the lake is just full to the brim of fisherman. Really did not land on any location that I thought had not been fished already. Most coves had a boat on the points on both sides and at least 2 others going down the banks, good or bad, there was really just no place to put all the fisherman.

I never fish water that I have not been on in the past few days or water that I think may not hold fish, but I had to this morning due to pressure. Pretty much just take a number at the Knob this weekend.

Quillback ~ Big M Area: Got out fishing with my buddy Jeb today, Jeb has been busy with commitments and is still recovering from a broken collarbone, but sling and all, he was fishing today. Funny thing is, he’s right handed, it’s his right collarbone that is broken, so he was casting with his left arm, and he was in the back of the boat – but in spite of all that, he nearly caught as many bass as I did.

Anyway, fishing was much slower today than it was before this front came in. Early morning was especially tough, but later in the morning the sunny banks with some breeze on them put out some fish. We did OK, caught 50 or so between the two of us, fairly small fish, maybe 8 -9 keepers total. 6″ Zoom lizards worked best, whether on the wobble head, t-rigged or c-rigged. Caught a few on the jig, but they just were not eating it like they were before. A few on the Ned also.

Saw some beds with males on them. Water temps were 59 early to 64 in the afternoon.

Phil Lilley ~ Bridgeport, James River Arm:  Got to the ramp at 6;30 this morning. Looked like a great morning to be out. Jimmy, my son in law, drove up from Rogers, AR last night to fishing this morning. Hoping to put him on the crappies. Not to be.

Water temp dropped a little from Wednesday but not but a few degrees- and it was morning. Still 62 degrees. Slight breeze, blue skies.

We caught a few shorts at all the spots. Bass too. But just couldn’t get them to get going like the other few times out.

Ended doing the best on a while jig under a float 5 feet deep fishing laydowns on bluffs. One keeper, probably 14 shorts and 7 small bass. Oh and a dozen morels — Duane took us up on a cedar glade and actually Jimmy found most of them.

Duane Doty ~ Same area:  Spent all day out there and finally figured out something that produced 5 keeper crappie, 3 shorts, 2 short walleye, one 16 inch spot, several short spots one nice white bass and 2 dinks in the last hour and a half of fishing. Before that, I spent all day throwing the jigs both straight lining and under a float only to catch 1 keeper crappie and 3 shorts along with a couple really small spots.

I ended up resorting to trolling the purple fire tiger flicker shad in size 5 and 7. Picked all the fish up where the main lake channel transitions from bluff to flat and hitting the main lake points. All the good fish were caught from just below point 14 to just below point 15. I even doubled up one time. I sure was happy to be able to be out there today, even when the fishing was slow. I think we need to check that mushroom spot in a couple more days. Those were all some really fresh ones!

Inshore ~ Indian Point Area:  Put in at 7 am. 1st fish on jb. Went to smoke grub after no more love on jb. Caught 12 sm with 5 keeps. Slow period 9 to 11 a.m.. Went to banks on spawners. Caught around 20 to 25 mix of sm, lm and spots, about ten were keeps. Left at two lots of boats and my 1st jet ski.

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