Table Rock Lake

Dtrs5kpr’s Table Rock fishing report, April 22

Posted by Phil Lilley on April 23rd, 2014
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First off…good grief this lake is full of bass. And they did not get the message about high skies being tough.

Had the great pleasure of fishing with Bill Richey today. Thanks to the guys at Ma’s for letting him out of there.

Goal was to spend some time finesse fishing, especially the little rig. Got that done earlyand often. By the time he had to go in, we had 6-7 good keepers including a couple of solid blacks and an 18″ brown girl. Probably 25ish with the shorts thrown in.

Went back out and went exploring a bit. Found out they are all over gravel in most of the bigger creeks. Also still some on bigger rock with wood. Added several nice fat spots to the keeper side of things, with many squeakers and shorts. There is a big temp difference that seems based on water color. Several degrees.

Came in briefly, and went back again from 4-6pm. Caught another mixed limit, a goggleye, and the real bonus…a crappie pushing 15″.

Every single fish was on the PBJ Ned Rig, 1/8oz. Mostly 5-15′, but some deeper in the deeper creeks around timber. Fished 3 baits all day, left one in a tree, one in a fish, and the other is still hanging in. He definitely is worse for wear and tear. Would not hazard a guess at an overall number of bass. 50 would not come close.

If you are struggling at all with the Ned feel free to PM me, or look Billy up. He is as down home as it gets, and a good stick who is on board with the super small and super slow stuff. Also good with the float & fly, and at flipping the white spoon.

Some pics. The crappie is side by side with a keeper spot. She did not go to lake crisco.



Added Bonus Report by Quillback:
The bass are still biting, caught a bunch, close to 50. I got a late start, waited for the fog to burn off here at home, so I did not get started until 9:30 and fished until 5:00 PM. 3/8 oz GP/Orange jig is still working, Ned is working – but better fish overall on the jig. Late in the day I threw a 3/8 oz wobble head with a 6″ GP Zoom lizard and they were eating that well. Threw a 3XD in orange belly craw for just a bit and picked up a few on it. Water is fairly murky up the White in the Big M area, maybe 3 feet of viz. Water temps were 65 around point 23 and a bit cooler, 62-63 up river from Big M a mile or so. The warmer water was where the mama spots were, caught 7 -8 in the 15″ 17″ range in 5 -10 FOW on the jig. Had one LM that was about 2 lbs., and a 20″ walleye that fell for a jig.

I brought some red worms with me, fished them on a drop shot set up on a ledge bank that I had caught a couple of gills on last week. It spent about an hour gill fishing and caught a dozen that were big enough to keep, including a couple of 9″ bull gills. The rest were 7″-8″. Took 10 home along with the walleye for the frying pan.

No pics, forgot my camera, no exceptional bass anyway, but may have shown a gill pic had I brought the camera.

I bet tomorrow will be a great day, south wind, water in the 60’s. I’m not going, but if any of you can get out, go get them!

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