Table Rock Lake

Table Rock crappie report, April 21

Posted by Phil Lilley on April 22nd, 2014
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Duane and I hit the lake yesterday.  Put in at Bridgeport and headed south to the brush piles and logs.  Water temp 64.

We fished both MDC marked brush piles and other lay downs.  Tried to find them in fairly deep water, not shallow flats.

Used 1/16th oz heads/ swimming minnow, clear with blue sparkles.  Duane fished a Crappie Magnet, clear both under a float and throwing them straight.  I used a 1/50th ounce white marabou jig under a float.

We ended up with only 8 keepers with double the number of shorts.  A few bass, mainly LM’s.

Crappie are still deeper than I would think.  Caught them on or in the brush or out deep around structure – as deep as 6-8 feet.  They didn’t seem to make any move towards the banks at dusk.

Here’s some videos-  not as easy to set up the camera as fishing trout because you’re throwing different directions.  We caught most of the keepers early, before I set the camera up.

Underwater video was an experiment.  Didn’t shoot it till later.  Would be better if the sun was out.  But still can see some fish.  In the second segment look for Duane’s Crappie Magnet dropping down in front of the camera.

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