Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake fishing reports (7 reports!), April 19-20

Posted by Phil Lilley on April 21st, 2014
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Table Rock Smallmouth bass

Report by dtrs5kprs, April 19 ~ Another nice day all around at 13. Temps are up, started at 55 (a gain of a degree or so over the prior morning), finished above 60 in the coves and creeks.

Fish are moving shallower. Still eating the Ned Rig, but also some decent split shot fish starting up. Mixed rock, gravel from the bank out to 15′ or so. There are fish getting right up on the banks. Had 12 honest keepers, and again in the 30-35 total range.

There are some very shallow blacks including the one shown with the rubbed tail. Also a pic of the doctor that was working.

Table Rock french fry

Enjoy it. Things are close to happening.

Report by dtrs5kprs, April 20 ~ Endured a bit of a struggle this morning. Freshly brown water, flat water, and only two shorts by 1030 or so. Not OK.

We left the friendly confines with two options: Find clear water, or find brown water that had been brown longer. We found some clearer water and it was on. Same gravel/mixed rock places in creeks, same depths as previous reports. Mix of Ned Rig and split shot.

Ended with 8 keepers between us, in the 40 fish vicinity. Most of those were from noon to 3pm. Clouds and breeze did not hurt, but were not necessarily a help. Bad news…by 2pm our clear water was uniformly brown. Maybe some rain will knock it back a bit.

Dang…I hate it when they make me run instead of fishing. Most gas I have burned in a week.

John had a nice couple of days, and caught his first split shot fish. Warned him the brownies would pound it like a catfish bite. He found that out quickly.

Report by RPS, April 20 ~ I was able to go out again today from 10 to 2:30. Today I immediately ran down lake to warmer water. At Holiday Island the main channel was 51 this morning, 53/54 at Devils Dive, 55 at Eagle Rock, and I stopped at the mouth of Roaring River (Point 26) when I reached 57 degrees. I fished inside the Roaring River arm but never lost sight of Point 26.

I lost count somewhere, but finished with 28 to 31 bass with some of each variety, of which 3 were keepers. Nothing worth taking a picture, though. The productive areas were within 100 feet of points, near deep water, with a slope with more rock than gravel. Best depth seemed to be 8 feet to 13 feet, although I did better bringing the bait down into that depth diagonally rather than I did simply fishing parallel to the bank at that depth.

Today was day two of my program to learn to fish the Ned Rig, so that was the only thing I threw. 1/16 ounce fish arrow head and a dirt colored half Strike King Zero. I found something I really do not like about this bait. The fish absolutely inhale the lure and I spent way too much time trying to extract the bait without killing the fish.

Last bit of news: No algae bloom in the Upper End (yet).

Report by Sprint21fter April 19-20 ~ Fished Baxter area Saturday 2-10:30pm.  Pulled into the mouth of Little Indian where a small pocket swings in off the main channel and the third cast whacked a solid 3 pound black on a wart.  Thought this was going to be easy, wrong fished the next set of secondary mixed rock/gravel points and nada.  Went further up into Little Indian on some steeper stuff heading into a pocket and pickedup jerkbait and started ripping that and bam!  1st cast solid 16inch kentucky fished both points at the mouth of the pocket and nothing.  Moved a little further up same type of bank with more hardwoods and 2nd cast with the jerkbait keeper black and next cast keeper kentucky.  Fished another hour without a bite fishing points, pockets, and some docks.  Decided to hit more gravel banks and picked up some short fish on 1/2 oz jigs.  WT: varied 57 in the main channel of the creeks and 61 in the back of a couple of spawning pockets

Fished Long Creek Sunday 3-9pm after huntin’ easter eggs with the family and eating like a pig.  Had in mind to throw a blade around in the stained water while my brother-in-laws were throwing cranks and bottom stuff.  I went two hours without a bite and they both had caught several short fish with a couple of keepers mixed in.  Figured I wasn’t fishing shallow enough and moved the boat in on top of some bank cover and caught a feisty 14 1/2 black.  A few casts later with a perfect laydown whacked a 4lber and then I went cold again but kept the darn blade in hand the rest of the evening.  One of my brother-in-laws was throwing a square bill an hour before dark and hooked into the biggest fish at 4 1/2lbs.  Ended with 5 keepers and 15 shorts.  WT: 62-64.

Report by techo, April 20 ~ We put a little after 6 AM and returned a little after 3 PM.  We caught 14.  the first two were on Red Fin.  Later we caught two blue gills and one crappie.  The first was a small mouth, one large mouth and the rest Ks.  Most were caught on white grub tail with a few wiggle warts.  The wife tied on some weird red split jointed rapala thing and caught three with it.  Almost all of the fish were in about 6-8 feet of water.  Awesome day of fishing out of …..Aunts Creek.

Report by Topwater TRL, April 19 ~ The wife and I put in at H ramp around 8 am.  Got a late start of course.  Water temp was right at 58 with 4+ foot clarity. Temp reached 62 by end of day.  Fished Little and Big Indian areas all day till 6 pm. Had lots of shorts (30+) and 8 keepers, biggest was 3.5# black.  Most were K’s.

Biggest success was on the 1/4 oz. shaky using a 4″ senko in either dark watermellon green or what I call the Halloween color…. orange, brown and purplish blue.  Nothing magical, just drag it slowly along the bottom and shake it occasionally. Did have a few on 3/8 oz finesse jig but always went back to the shaky.  Also had 2 shorts on a jerk bait but nothing on a wart or spinnerbait…. which really surprised me.

The prime depth was 12′ but did catch a few shallower.  Secondary points or within 100 feet of the point either way from spawning cuts or coves was key.  I saw no beds and no roamers.  Went up to Railroad cove and just into beginning of the James mid afternoon and Wow!! Whats up with the acres and acres of what looks like golden algae bloom streamers all over some of the coves and cuts.

Some places mid lake in those areas also looked like a golden swirly mat type streamers hanging about 2 feet under water.   Lake must be turning over in those places I guess.  I’ve never seen anything like it. Almost like you could step out of your boat and walk on it.  It wasn’t moss and it wasn’t pollen.   Anyway, where that was going on we caught zero fish.     Happy Easter everyone!

Report by Nitro 750, April 19 ~ Launched the boat at Long Creek Ramp at about 06:30, only one in the parking lot.  Headed to the same area as in the report on the 17th.  The ride this morning was not near as cold as the one on Thursday!!!!  Put the boat about a cast length from the bank and started throwing the black and char. tube on a 1/16th head.  Reeling back slowly and the bite would usually come between the bank and about a 1/3 of the way back to the boat, bite was very lite again today,  Had 4 nice keepers by about 8:30 or so.  The bite seemed to be closer to the bank.

Long Creek crappie

The bite really slowed once the sun came up.  So I moved out deeper to see if the crappie had moved out deeper, but no luck.  Also threw a smoke color swimming minnow and blue and white tube, no bites on either one.  Tried a few different areas and caught 2 more keepers and 3 shorts. Water temp. was 57 when I started and 59.4 when I ended the day.  End up with 6 keepers and 3 shorts.  It was just a Beautiful day to be on the lake!!!!

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