Table Rock Lake

Doty’s Table Rock crappie and morrell report, April 17

Posted by Phil Lilley on April 18th, 2014
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Got on the water at 6 this morning and it was a little chilly out there.  Put in at Bridgeport and boated to the first  MDC brush pile down lake on the left.  When I got there, all my fingers felt like they had been mashed by a hammer hurting so bad from the cold.  I managed to catch 3 shorts at the brush pile on 1/16th oz jig heads with pearl Bobby Garland sassy shads before the sun came up.  

Started fishing the banks in that little cove next to the brush pile and caught 4 more shorts in the shallow water.  It finally warmed up enough that my fingers quit hurting so I headed down to Bear Den.  Kind of worked the bank on the way down the cove on the right side but concentrated on submerged logs in 6 to 10 feet of water and really started picking up the keepers.

Finished with a limit by 11 and got a phone call that my daughter, son-in-law and grand daughter were heading down wanting to go on their very 1st ever mushroom hunt.  I had the perfect spot in mind for them.  I headed back to the launch, trailered the boat and got home 20 minutes before they arrived.  Put a bag of ice in the live well when they got to my house and the 4 of us headed to the woods down the street.  We spent about 3 hours looking and ended up with over 130 morels.

The kids stayed for a dinner prepared by DD’sMC that consisted of deer burgers and tenders smothered in sautéed morel mushrooms, and some steamed veggies.  What a fantastic day!


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