Table Rock Lake

Nitro’s Table Rock crappie report, April 17

Posted by Phil Lilley on April 17th, 2014
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New to the forum, first report so bear with me!!!  Put the boat in at Long Creek at about 06:30 this morning, no one else at the ramp.  Headed to Brushy ( very cold ride this morning)!!!!!

Water temp was 53, started throwing a black and char. Bass Pro Shops tube jig on a 1/16 oz. head.  Boat was setting about a cast from bank, usually in about 15 fow.  Throwing the tube close to bank and just reeling it back really slow, most bite came between the bank and half way back to the boat.  The bite was vey lite, usually just feel extra weight on the jig.  Banks with some brush and chuck rocks seemed to be the best. I fished them kind of spots and any cuts.  About 10:00 the bite just seemed to die.

Fished about another hour and head to the ramp.  Ended the day with 9 keepers and only 1 short.  Had a couple 14 inches, rest besides one was between 11 1/2 to 13 inches.  I was surprised when I cleaned the fish they were all males.  Some of the biggest males that I have caught.  Water temp was 54 when I left.  Hope this helps someone.  Took a picture of the crappie, did not turn out very good. Going to try to post it.

This site IMO is the best fishing site hands down, just a really great site!!!!

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