Table Rock Lake

Biglerma’s Table Rock crappie report, April 13-14

Posted by Phil Lilley on April 16th, 2014
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Table Rock Crappie 16 inch

Had a great weekend with the old man.  My dad flew up and met me in Shell Knob for what would hopefully be 4 fun filled days of crappie slaying!   Well, with the weather we got 2 amazing days out of the trip and had a great time.   We fished the Kings river up past Viola both days and fish were right up on the banks, limited out both days.  We used the tried and true bobber and a minnow rig, with the minnow about 18 inches under the bobber.   The fish were about half way backs in the coves and you if you could find a small cut with blown in debris in it you would be able to catch 5-10 nice fish it seemed.  

Table Rock Crappie slab

Day 1 we only caught one real big fish at 14.5 inches.  It was a male black crappie in fine spawning colors.   Day 2 we caught a few nice females with the biggest being 15 1/4 inches weighing right at 2 lbs and then a big male at 14.5 inches weighing 1lb 11 oz.   The first day we only caught 2 shorts and the 2nd day we caught 5.  All the fish were just nice 11-13inch slabs and we had only a couple that were in the 10-11 inch range.   Water temps on Sat were 60-61, Sunday saw as high as 63.7.  We never ran way up the river either, we stayed about 1-2 bends from Viola.

Monday the front came through and it was colder than hell so we decided to fry up some crappie for dinner.  Tuesday I stopped by Diamond Missouri and visited my grandpa and brought him a nice bag of fish on my way back home to KS.

Table Rock string crappie

Funny story from the 1st day… we went into a cove and there was another boat in there throwing jigs at the bank.  As we passed each other the guy up front says “You’re a little young to be old man fishin aren’t ya?”.  I said well, hard to change from what’s working!   We had 26 in the live well at that point and he said they had caught 6.  I’ll take “old man fishin” any day!

First 3 pics are from Day 1(Sat), rest are from Day 2(Sun).

Don’t laugh at my hat from day 1 too bad.  Please excuse the KU hat, I only wear it because I don’t mind if it gets dirty!

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