Table Rock Lake

RogueAgent’s Table Rock fishing report, April 12

Posted by Phil Lilley on April 13th, 2014
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Table Rock April 12

I know, I know, there aren’t supposed to be any fish in Aunt’s Creek according to some of you but I keep going back and we were rewarded today.

Three of us put in at 7 in my old Cajun.  We spent about 15 minutes near the ramp and we caught short Kentuckies right off the bat on a swimming minnow.  Went over to Little Aunt’s and it was too crowded so we fished our way back out to the main lake area and kept the wind at our backs as best we could.  For the next hour or so I tried the McStick, Wart, Biffle Bug and couldn’t get bit until we switched to paddle tails.

We fished till 4pm and caught four keeper K’s, two keeper smallies and this big girl.  My brother-in-law’s personal best, she went 6.4lbs on my scale and man was she THICK with eggs.  All our main lake fish except for two today came in 4-6 fow on shad colored Larew’s Long John minnows on 1/8th oz jig heads and Keitech 4″ swim baits I got from Fin N Feather.  They all went back in the water where we found them.

Around noon/1pm we ran out of Keitech’s (they just disintegrate after 2 fish, just like you all said they would).  I tried some other swim baits but couldn’t get bit nearly as often.  I had several Keitech’s get their paddle tails bit off and they kept catching fish which struck me as odd.  Made me want to try a trailer hook but I didn’t.

After an hour of trying different minnow style baits I switched to a Zoom trick worm in green pumpkin red on a 1/4oz head and moved out a little deeper and caught more Kentuckies.  We ended the day with over 30 bass and a hand sized gill.  The Rock was good to us today.  Now, where is the A&D Ointment?  Sunburn is killing me, but, it’s a good hurt.


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