Table Rock Lake

Quillback’s Table Rock fishing report, April 9

Posted by Phil Lilley on April 9th, 2014
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What a beautiful Ozark spring day!  Great day to be out on the water!  Not a cloud in the sky, a chilly morning but it was close to 70 when I left at 2:30.

Also got to hear the cry of the loon right after I started fishing, there’s a pair of them hanging around  mid-channel near the Viney ramp.  One of my favorite birds.

The fishing was good, that is if you like to fish the Ned.  I caught around 25 on the Ned, mostly spots in the 12-15 inch range with a couple of fat 16″ fish.  Lots of fun on light spinning tackle.  Fish were up near the banks out to 10 -15 feet.  Schooled up, if I caught one there were usually more close by.  Chunk rock banks were best, but I did find some off a gravel point.  I was doing a durability count on one of the Ned’s with an Elaztech worm, I caught 30 bass (some came on a previous trip) with that one bait before breaking it off on a snag, it was still going strong when it broke off.  Definitely as durable as DTRS as been telling us.

Caught another 10 bass on the 3/8 oz GP/orange jig with a twin-tailed trailer, several keeps but no monsters.

Get out there if you can, they are biting.

Water temps 51-54.




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