Table Rock Lake

Quillback’s Big M Table Rock fishing report, April 1

Posted by Phil Lilley on April 2nd, 2014
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Launched right before 7 AM and fished until 3 PM.  Fish were really tough early, but later in the morning and in to early afternoon the bite picked up.  Rocky banks and points with a breeze on them were best.  Caught 18 bass, mostly spots, a few LM’s and a couple of smallies.

Caught 7 or 8 keepers all in the 15 -17 inch range.  For some reason I can’t get a big bite.  I’m no big fish specialist, but even so, usually this time of year I’ll pick up a big fish every now and then, but it’s not happening.  I can’t even tell stories of the big one that got away.

Tubes are still working, picked up a few on the Spro McStick, and several on the Wart.  Wart fish were all 12′ or so bank running males.

Lots of wrapped boats flying around the White today.  They are really working over the rocky points.

Spotted bass bite has picked up, and they are moving in relatively shallow on the rocky banks.

Water temps 49 – 51.




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