Table Rock Lake

Babler’s Table Rock fishing report, March 30

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 31st, 2014
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Started the day to very cool and foggy weather out of the Knob this morning. As a matter of fact with safety being a huge factor it took me about an hour to idle from the Bridge down stream to Basin Hollow.

Picked up Jim and Dave, long time friends and clients. Very good Table Rock lake fishermen. It was really a tale of to different deals for us today. We started off with surface temps in the 44 degree range and the fish were very lethargic, just almost a wiggle when you would wind them in.

Dave pretty much started us off in the fog, with 5 fish on the float-N-fly. Jim missed a couple but the bite was very slow.

As the wind picked up and the waves started a bit, we went to an A-Rig. Again, Dave had the only fish of the day on that bait, and we wore the paint off of it. Pete Weeners said they were on it for him, but we could not get that bite.

Started swimming a grub on transition with the boat in 30+ feet throwing to mostly gravel with ledge and we started catching them.. Really not we, but Jim.

Jim had a good day, boating 16 spotted bass mostly in the 14 to 16 inch range with 3 of them just being toads. This one was just a Monster of a Kentucky full of eggs and an exceptional fish.

March 30 002.JPG

Warmest water we saw was right at 50 degree at Baxter. When I took the boat out at Shell Knob it was still only 49 up there at 4 PM.

After I dropped the boys off I went up the White a ways and fished one bank with a megabass pro-blue. I had 3 keepers up there on it and had thrown it all day below the Kings and had not had a bite.

Total for us for the day was 32 fish counting the 3 late ones I caught

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