Table Rock Lake

Sore Thumb’s Holiday Island Report, March 22

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 23rd, 2014
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Put in at Holiday Island around 7:15. Went right into Longwood Creek. Second cast got a small large mouth. Had 4 caught within next 10 casts. Went toward back and didn’t get a bite. Went back to the mouth of Longwood and the wind was pushing right into the mouth. Caught 6 more on one spot. Decided to leave and head toward Eagle Rock. Only place I was getting bites was on outside edges on the north sides of cuts on the river channel. Ended with 18 fish. My best 5 would have been right around 12lbs.
Almost all the fish were caught on a series 3 Strike King in brown craw color. Great new bait. Dives to 10ft and is same size and sound of old wiggle warts. 2 fish were caught early on Megabass 110 in Elagy Bone. Got off water around 4:00 pm.

Kentucky just shy of 18inches. Weighed 3.3lbs. Had a LM right around same size.



Had a great day of fishing and got ice cream in Garfield on the way home.
ice cream cone

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