Table Rock Lake

Doty’s Table Rock crappie and bass fishing report, March 15

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 16th, 2014
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15 mar tr 4.jpg

Went up into the Flat Creek area again this morning.  Lots of boats and lots of snaggers out there today.  Started above the bridge and checked to flat….nothing.  Moved over to some brush on the bluff side and tore the shorts up.  Only landed one keeper  out of that brush pile.  

Decided to try 2 spots below the bridge.   One log down by the point below the bridge in 9 feet of water had a bunch of shorts on it and then 1/2 way between the bridge and point 15 on the flat in 16 feet of water is a hidden brush pile that I pulled 6 keepers and several shorts out of.

While fishing that pile, Quinton the Conservation Agent boated up and checked my license and fish.  We chatted for a bit and he moved on up to the bridge area to check more sportsmen.  I decided to get out of the crowd around noon and headed down to point 14 area to check some spots I like to fish for crappie.

The first spot was occupied so I moved on down to the second spot.  It was a transition of bluff to chunk rock that works its way out to a flat.  It has some hidden pole timber in it and it was full of mostly short crappie, three giant black crappie and a lot of spots.  Fished there about an hour before things slowed down and moved on down to a cove across the lake from point 14.

Only 2 short spotted bass out of there.  Moved over to the point 14 side and fished some timber on the point across the cove from point 14.  Caught nothing but bass out of that area.  I caught a bunch of them there, both large mouth and spots.

Got tire of catching them and headed back up to the area that was occupied earlier.  It is a brush pile almost back behind a large dock and next to a bluff in 30 feet of water.  Caught several short crappie and 4 spots out of that.  All fish were on 1/16th oz jig heads and Bobby Garland baits.  Blue Grass was the best color, but all colors seemed to catch fish.

I can not believe the number of bass I caught on crappie jigs today.  Ended the day with 13 keeper crappie.

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